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A vast array of game improvements.

A vast array of game improvements.

- Implementation of a trading/marketplace area where specific cards can be traded for or purchased with in-game credits. Seriously, this game was released over a year ago, how do we not have trading yet? Ridiculous!

- The number of players is growing non-stop, how about expanding the reward tiers accodingly?

- Letting players keep Teletran I chips, Chronogons, Ruby medals, T-cogs, etc. at the end of events. These are earned, some are even purchased. We deserve to keep them

- Please improve the drop rates on free and paying bridges, always getting the same card is becoming quite annoying. Maybe scan the base and if a certain card is there, you get a better chance at getting the matching alt/bot mode?

- FIX THE LAG ISSUE already!

- Some form of quality control before an event is launched. The bugs and snafus are ridiculous!

- Allow for some form of farming between events. Possibly with the Autobot and/or Decepticon 3-card decks. A sort of "drilling for energon" function. Same goes for battle cubes

- Make cards from past events available, not as upgraded versions, but as originals, so that those who wish to complete the Cyberdex may do so. Make them available say 5 events later.

- Improve T2 rewards. Many habitual T2 players find it not worth the effort anymore as the T2 reward won't make a T2 deck.

- Improve ally functionalities so that at least half the help requests go to someone in your ally list. If allies are meant to improve our gaming experience, allow us to rely on them more

- Accelerate the reload of free energon maybe?

- batting down rockets is getting old and annoying, how about an upgrade? In fact, how about some new missions/worlds to explore?

Of course no one expects Mobage to implement all these right away, but it would appease many in the gaming communities to at least see Mobage headed in such directions.

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    OD shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • mark welding commented  · 

        yes all these improvements would make this game better give a little to the people who cant afford to buy mcoin it seems mobage just after bleeding us players dry they prob consider doin something new if a lot of people stopped buying into the game

      • FNMAGGOTS commented  · 

        A couple of ideas to please many...#1 people want more cubes so get rid of the bronze medals for levelling up & give out cubes,they're useless anyway! Also how about an option to purchase 2 more Bcube slots for your base.this would give more cubes out when u level up, sleep,go 2 work, etc. Also u could attack w 5 cubes @ once for more damage(10x maybe). For base add-ons how about paying for a "storage box" 2 hold the rubies,chroms,etc as a rental ( x # days for x $, quantity discounts though). Idea #2- People want to "Collect 'em all" now trading would be a major update but simply buying cards wouldn't be! You can sell your cards why not buy 'em? It's simple, attach a price to the cards in the ********. This would have to be credits though but feel free to offer to sell credits for mobage$! This would also give people more to do between events!--FNMAGGOTS

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I'm with you we can do it in marvel woh and swfc so why not here it's a mobage game so it's not out of their remit

      • Darkhound commented  · 

        fantastic ideas. However I can see how developers can be concerned with in game trading. See my posting "space bridge exchange" about an alternative approach to collecting higher level cards.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Why don't the Episode medals include post episode cards, I'm tired of getting the same L4s over and over, and trading needs to be factored in when you get 8 alt cards before getting a robot card, as for the items earned, they can delete rise at will, but I'm not sure deleting the chips, cubes and medals paid for is even legal

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Why hasn't a new week game start yet?

      • Adam Mitchell commented  · 

        I definitely think that all of these are great ideas. We should be able to trade for cards we need another thing I have agree with us being able to keep our Ruby metals, diamond metals etc and so on. All the other Mobage games I played have these features. Why not this one?

      • Kristopher Roy commented  · 

        These suggestions are absolutely perfect I would add that the team battle was ridiculous and the medal rewards were obscenely expensive!!!

      • donald mclean commented  · 

        I am not necessarily in favor of trading either but maybe it would be kind of cool if we could buy epic rares from the space bridge in exchange for UR5s or SR4s that we are not using + ruby medals.

      • mark commented  · 

        Couldnt have said it better myself

      • Optimus737 commented  · 

        Thing that ****** me off, is tha the cards are better and better every week. Seriously. Any money i spent last year is wasted. The new cards never stop..and always more powerful. I really don't like the pay model MOBAGE choose. Makes me associate transformers with greed. Everything is way overpriced in this game. Considering, this game is more expensive then paid subscription mmo's (that actually have CONTENT). What costs are there associated here ? Really the game could've been designed by a college kid in his/her spare time. There is nothing here that justifies the prices they charge.
        So I guess from here on out, I'm not giving MOBAGE anything. Ill have to play with tier 3-4 deck.
        Not going to spend a lot of money on game that doesn't even reward you for spending money on it.
        At this games core is: gambling.
        So I've learned, you're never going to be competitive if you don't keep pumping money into this game.
        I'm very happy though, recently I purchased Transformers War for Cybertron...an ACTUAL GAME based on transformers ! You know MOBAGE, one that you can PLAY, one that has CONTENT...not just tap one button over and over. Its a shame your dev team hasn't found an actual fun game model based off the awesome g1 transformers. Guess theyre not cut out to handle a title like transformers.
        But I will give credit where credit is due. Your art team has saved your skin, on this title.
        If it wasn't for the beautiful STILL FRAMED artwork of the cards, you guys at MOBAGE would have pure fail with this title. But I must note, the background art is terrible.
        Anyway, this game ****** me off big time.. Later

      • Gilles ward commented  · 

        I'm not seeing any improvements, each episode are worst then the previous! The only thing keeping me here is the art! Game play is very poor!

      • SoundwaveIDW commented  · 

        Agreed! Let us keep the rubys etc.. And have a trade or purchase option. I would like to get a tier 5 Soundwave and a Motormaster for sure...

      • mark commented  · 

        I am I'm agreement with everything OD said. I understand the fear of trading and would honestly list that low on my demands, but I don't believe anyone should dislike being able to complete old episode cards later on. Outside of their episode they hold no advantage beyond their base stat. I also feel that tiers should be broken down a little more and this unicron card is proof. Only those who are willing to pay hundreds of dollars and/or already have the best decks get this new, unmatched in power, card. Now some will cry "you just want more for less blah blah blah" but that's not true. Infact all who pay all this money should be the most angry, because obviously very little of it is being reinvested into the game. That just means we are making a few guys at mobage buku dollars, practically throwing it at them willingly. It's sickening if you think about it.

      • Daniel commented  · 

        Agreed on the winning rewards. Recent Unicorn rewards is very attractive but sadly only 1st 100 will get it. Is almost impossible to go against those already with powerful deck and keep leading ahead. Starters and low power deck player will never stand a chance let alone character rewards in hope to increase their power deck.
        The reward can be adjust based on percentage. Example; recent Till All Are One participation close to 38,000. 1st 100 winners is like less than 1%.
        Instead of rewarding 1st 100, why not reward the 1st 380?
        The chances increase will also encourage player to be motivate to play. Be mindful that no all can seat and play the game 24/7. But recent setting doesn't allow you a breather as you will loose if you do. The more flexible in it allow gamer to enjoy the flexibility to compete.

        2nd, past episode characters can be available in the Space Bridge at random using the medals won. That will encourage player to hunt for more medals. Recent repetition of Level 2 and 3 characters is really making the medal collection pointless.

        While I also agree trading may not be a good option as everyone may stop buying coins to acquire certain character, in hope to trade, but it can be tweak to benefit those players with extra episode cards. .i.e. re-sell back for medals or trade in with random selection of character

      • Gilles ward commented  · 

        Only need one more improvement, for the love of god get rid of the PVP episode, they ******* suck every single time!

      • Lolly commented  · 

        Wish I only started playin this game 3 weeks ago instead of 6 months ago, would of jus bought 32 chains = 8 orian pax + alpha trion and this week 36 chains = 9 cyclonus's and BOOM 2 full decks of R5s, it's annoying all the time n effort I put in and now look how easy the game is.

      • Justin commented  · 

        I agree with all as I will not be a paying player again until trading is allowed.

        Another suggestions, beef up former T1 rewards (give a boost to their stats). Now that U5 cards are not rare anymore campaign rewards, login rewards, friend rewards, ruby rewards and cronogon - they are mostly weak compared to newer cards. I have over 20 U5 cards 600+LVL and lost to someone who was level 69 yesterday! Unreal!

      • OD commented  · 

        Agreed... they'd just have to implement trading in the first place though

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